Lost Senses
7th August  – 4th September 2017
Session ‘Cyberformance’, co-curated with Linda Rocco
Artists: JODI, ZYX app and Pier Giorgio De Pinto, Node Bodies
Location: Sunbury House, London

Mainly working as a hub for thinkers and a space for reverie, LOST SENSES offer daily live experiences to engage diverse audiences through meaningful inter(actions), opening up reflections on a wider scale through processes of documentation and mediation.

The campus will use Live art to explore the now: to reorganise, open and reshape senses, generating reflections on our own identities, our communities and beyond.


Leading pioneers of net art, Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans – the Belgian-Dutch duo behind the artist collective JODI – produce new media works that play with the increasing presence of technology in our daily lives. JODI disrupts and disassembles ubiquitous software, video games, and popular internet platforms such as Google Maps and Twitter, cultivating coding malfunctions and programming glitches. Concerned with exploring the chance, uncanny products of these system breakdowns, Heemskerk and Paesmans will challenge the public of LOST SENSES through motion tracking capabilities

Pier Giorgio De Pinto – Node bodies

Node bodies is a performative project of interactive participation by Swiss-based transdisciplinary artist, performer, curator, theorist and media trainer Pier Giorgio De Pinto. The installation make each of us, in a random way, a potential knot to be decoded which source has been taken from the immense rhizomatic world of the web.

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